Kula Yoga is now a Local Campus for the Breathing Deeply School of Yoga Therapy!

What is Yoga Therapy?

  • Uses Yoga in a therapeutic manner as a part of holistic living
  • Newer method of healing based on thousands of years of yogic tradition
  • Identifies individual imbalances physically and mentally and help to re-balance the individual
  • Uses yoga to treat specific conditions including physical pain, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, depression, autoimmune diseases, and many more
  • Read More on ‘What is Yoga Therapy’ Here

Kula Yoga Breathing Deeply Therapy Campus

Kula Yoga is now a local campus of Breathing Deeply School of Yoga Therapy. Breathing Deeply School of Yoga Therapy provides an online learning experience for Yoga Therapy while we, Kula Yoga in West Hartford CT, provide the opportunity to build the community environment with other students from Breathing Deeply. Talk to us about our variety of yoga teacher training options in West Hartford. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and gain your yoga certification.

BDYT Foundations Course (250-Hours)

The program is designed to certify you to work with individuals using the yoga therapy model. It is a unique online/in-studio/retreat weekend hybrid program which will give you the support you need to complete the course. Upon completion, you will have the information and skills to work one-on-one with people for a wide range of conditions.

The course will teach you anatomy, philosophy, theory, and how to apply this information and tools in a therapeutic setting. The BDYT foundations course is structured to be completed in about one year with an option to continue into our 800 hour IAYT based program. There is also the option to move through at a slower pace, completing when ready. The unique blended online and retreat/residential format allows for schedule flexibility so that people with a variety of life situations can participate.


This course is open to all yoga teachers at a 200-hour level or equivalent from any tradition. Others will be considered case by case.


12 month program beginning March 1st, 2017, has 4 learning and hands-on components.

  • Weekly online lectures – with Brandt Passalacqua
 The main part of this course will be delivered in 52 lectures online. (see course outline) These classes will be available for you online 24/7, allowing you to take them when it’s most convenient. Each class will include homework to help you integrate and fully understand the information. There is a community forum for all trainees to ask questions that arise at anytime.
  • Weekly live Q&A – with Brandt Passalacqua
 There are two weekly, live group Q&A’s with Brandt that delve deeper into material and questions. These calls provide mentorship and are also a way to stay connected to the BDYT community throughout your studies.
  • Monthly campus sessions beginning in March, 2017,9:00-12:00 am The in-studio experience is designed to provide students with a community in which to learn, share and practice the information and skills presented in the online Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy program.
  • 3 Weekend Retreats in Garrison, NY – with Brandt  **** The weekend retreats can be done in 2017 or in another year.  For example, if cost is a challenge for you – you can do the online lectures (and live Q&A), and perhaps the monthly campus sessions – and do the retreats as you can afford them.  Each one is offered at least once a year.
    **** April 21-23, 2017
    September 8-10, 2017
    November 3-5, 2017

Important Links to Program Details
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  • $2,495 for the online lectures and weekly Q&A with Brandt, payable to Breathing Deeply — This is the payment when you pay all at once.  There are other payment options on the Breathing Deeply website (click here for payment plan info). 
  • $350 Campus fee, payable to Kula Yoga
  • Retreat costs – depends on type of accommodations (usually between $500-$650, per weekend), payable to Breathing Deeply
  • $250 for oral and written exam, payable to Breathing Deeply


Online Classes start as soon as you enroll & Monthly Saturday Campus Sessions Start March 1st, 2017

Campus Dates:  Saturdays 9am-12pm
2017 March 12, April 8, may 13, June 10, July 8, August 5, September 16, October 7, November 18 December 9,
2018- January 13, February 10

Section 1

  • The history of yoga therapy
  • Yoga anatomy
  • The Koshas
  • The role of the Yoga Therapist
  • Pathology from a yoga perspective
  • The role of ayurvedic ideas
  • Sadhana

Section 2

  • What you need to know – anatomy
  • How pain works
  • What clears pain
  • Basic yoga poses with anatomy and connections and how/when to use alignment
  • Stages of rehab and healing with many techniques including muscle and nerve pain
  • Breath anatomy and how to use it
  • Ayurvedic concepts
  • Food theory and how to apply it
  • Case studies

Section 3

  • Pranayamas and their application
  • How to balance the doshas
  • Understanding prana flow
  • How to work with: emotional imbalances (i.e. depression, anxiety)
  • How to work with: system wide imbalance (i.e. autoimmune disease, chronic pain)
  • Case studies

Section 4

  • The role of the conscious mind/intellect
  • Yoga and philosophy teachings
  • The uses of chanting
  • Using the chakra model
  • Using the the mind for emotional release
  • More yoga philosophy
  • Practices for the intellect/personality
  • How to talk to clients in a real way about point of view

Section 5

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Practices for opening the spiritual heart
  • How to talk to people about intuition and heart
  • Bhakti yoga for healing

Section 6

  • Case studies
  • Assembling a plan
  • Pathology
  • Advanced anatomy
  • More food theory
  • When to refer out
  • Scope of practice
  • Integrating with other practitioners and modalities
  • Ayurveda and Chinese medicine crossovers