1. Why Meditation Is Good For The Brain

    Meditation is one of the many classes we offer at Kula Yoga. In meditation, you’ll practice techniques and different breathing exercises to allow you to see clearly and seek relaxation. Along with our yoga therapy, meditation is targeted toward mental and, in turn, physical health. Meditation is about finding your inner peace and seeking effective therapy that will work for your mind and your bo…Read More

  2. What Is A Yoga Therapy Class?

    In today’s world, a majority of us are just plain stressed out. We’re stressed from our jobs, money problems, kids, and everything in between. From youngsters who are still in school all the way to the elderly, we each deal with something stressful at least once a day. This is why it’s so important that you take the time to relax. Whether you relax by settling into the couch and taking a nap…Read More

  3. Welcome To Our Yoga Therapy Blog

    Welcome to our unique yoga therapy community. We look forward to using this space to provide you with helpful resources about the many benefits and uses of therapeutic yoga. Each one of our yoga therapy classes at our studio in West Hartford is geared towards guiding you on your personal journey towards peace and healing. We approach life holistically and believe that therapeutic yoga can enhance …Read More