Each one of our classes at Kula Yoga Therapy is meant to guide you on your own personal journey and enhance your life as a whole. No matter what holistic therapy classes you join, you will leave feeling renewed and in a better state of mind. All yoga therapy classes are open to the public on a drop-in basis; no pre-registration required.

Align and Flow

In classes, you will refine your posture by learning proper breathing techniques and how they relate to your alignment and posture. With a clear mind, your heart can open in a supportive environment where you can take your yoga experience to the next level. All classes are drop in and in the Group Room at 17 S Highland St., West Hartford, CT.


In this class, you will experience a short physical practice accompanied by breathing exercises (pranayama) and a variety of different techniques to be explored. With meditation, you may have the clarity you seek in a relaxing, inviting atmosphere surrounded by others just like you.  If you have been seeking an effective mental health therapy that helps you find peace, meditation might be right for you.

Parties and Celebrations

Yoga therapy doesn’t have to be enjoyed alone; in fact, it can be the perfect way to celebrate any occasion surrounded by everyone you love. Your celebration can be custom tailored to your needs and appropriate for all your guests. Let us help you bring in the special day the right way.  Talk to us today about holistic therapy through yoga.