Interested in therapeutic yoga in West Hartford? Learn more here about why yoga therapy might be the solution you need for pain management, trauma therapy, and more.

At Kula Yoga Therapy, our goal is much deeper than just a physical practice. Much like physical therapy, there is a goal to help you find ways to heal the body. And, Yoga Therapy goes much deeper. In addition to working with your physical pain, we will work with you on your breath, energy level, find emotional balance and calmness, and a state of peace and equanimity. Therapeutic yoga focuses on a holistic approach to health.

Physical Therapy
A physical therapist focuses solely on your body. With years of extensive teachings, they learn about the human body from a muscular and structural standpoint and how to correct dysfunction in the back, spine, shoulder, and more. The primary goal of physical therapy is to help you to recover from and rehabilitate after injury and surgery. Although a physical therapist is not a medical doctor, they are trained how to treat and diagnose your physical problems. This practice is especially helpful in working with the physical body.

What makes a Yoga Therapist Different than a Yoga Teacher?
A yoga teacher is trained to guide students through classes and sequences to better their health and well being in a general way. A Yoga Therapist has been trained to work with the system of yoga to treat specific conditions. Some examples may include:

  • Physical pain (including: back pain & shoulder injuries)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Cancer support
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Addiction
  • Weight loss
  • Other ailments

Yoga therapy is designed to work with a wide variety of conditions using a model that can easily integrate other healing modalities and can act as a useful adjunct to the western medical model. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help you on your road to health and peace.

Yoga Therapy
At Kula Yoga Therapy, your yoga therapist works with you, and your whole being. While working with your physical issues and pain management, we can also work with your muscular imbalances and your body’s anatomy to help specific problems. An, we take you on a journey to go further into wellness. Yoga therapy maintains a holistic approach focusing also on your overall energy and soulful well-being. Combining work with your body’s functional alignment, breathing techniques, meditation, visualization, and many other methods, we are able to optimize your results and healing potential. While physical therapy is great to restore ease of movement on a physical level, yoga therapy is helpful in finding the best way for you to heal in the most integrated way possible. Physical therapy is a good place to begin to the road back to recovery.  Yoga therapy will take you deeper into yourself and help you to find balance and healing in body, mind and soul.

Our Practice
Our therapeutic yoga sessions are very individualized and help with your chronic pain problems, emotional imbalances, and connection back to yourself. Many times, we will see clients who have tried physical therapy to find relief for pain management, and although they were helped, their issues were not fully addressed. At Kula Yoga Therapy, we believe in being your partner along your path to health. We work to guide you to find the missing pieces and work on your entire being. Together we create the most optimal conditions within you to find total wellness.

If you are looking to find ease in body, balance in your mind, peace within, freedom from pain and suffering, please contact us today and learn how therapeutic yoga could bring the healing you need.